About My Practice

My Background

 I love the work I do. I see individuals, couples, families, and adolescents in my Sonoma County Therapy practice. I have experience working with clients from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. My mission is to offer ethical and effective treatment for people of all ages regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

How We Can Work

Therapy works when you find a therapist you feel comfortable with. My general philosophy is that I am here to listen deeply and understand your uniqueness. I work in a straightforward, warm, and compassionate manner which includes a sense of humor. My approach is collaborative, which means that we set therapeutic goals according to your needs and the kinds of issues you are facing. I also focus on the broader social and spiritual context of your life. Together we develop a therapeutic relationship that can help facilitate positive change and healing.


In my work, I often look at family systems and how they fit into the here-and-now of your relationships. Other therapeutic approaches that inform my work with clients include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic-existential and transpersonal approaches.

Our Common Goals

One goal in working with you is to help you become aware of the unique belief system you have developed, and how your beliefs influence your life. Our interpretation of ourselves in our lives is the basis for our decisions about who we are and how we interact with our world. Sometimes our view of self is influenced too strongly by past events or external forces. I help my clients look at unwanted patterns they have developed and, together, we set goals for positive, healthy change. This does not demand years of therapy- just simple honesty and the supported bravery that is easily found when working with someone dedicated to helping you.

Reasons For Seeking Therapy

Therapy can be helpful whether you have one specific concern or multiple therapeutic goals. Often, clients are looking for direction, motivation and purpose.  Therapy can help you explore what is keeping you from reaching your goals, and support you as you set realistic goals and find the inspiration to attain them.

Some Benefits of Therapy

Therapy can help you to:

Develop increased self-acceptance and self-awareness
Let go of past issues that keep you from experiencing the present fully
Understand maladaptive patterns in relationships, and use that awareness to create choice in future relationship dynamics
Develop a toolbox of identified strengths and positive coping skills as well as healthy self-soothing practices
Express yourself creatively and assertively in relation to others and/or in solitude.

Contacting me

It can be a big step to decide to enter into therapy. If you contact me, we can discuss your initial questions and concerns over the phone. We can also meet in person if you need a felt sense of me.  If we decide not to work together, I will be glad to help refer you to another Sonoma County therapist.

Some other reasons that people seek therapy include:

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Life Transitions
Relationship Difficulties
Separation and Divorce
Anxiety, Fear and Panic
Depression and Mood Disorders
Loss and Grief
Parenting Issues
Co-dependency and Substance Abuse
Unresolved Family of Origin Issues
Personality Disorders
General Malaise